About Us

Bristol Language Academy is a European brand of language centers that specializes in exclusive and high-end language education for all ages in different languages.

Our success is based on our unique methodology:

  • Our classes support a maximum of 12 students to allow a personalized development of every student
  • We use prestigious programs that are aimed to trigger the curiosity of learning and exploring
  • We focus heavily on developing speaking skills and confidence through immersive simulation (Virtual reality) and workshops

We also believe that learning doesn't stop indoors. So we designed activities that are fully integrated into our language program where students interact with their teachers outside the box:

  • kayaking, camping, fishing, swimming
  • drama
  • summer camp
  • drone flying
  • training
  • coding and robotics
  • team sports (football, basketball, volleyball)

To allow that all our facilities are located near natural features or water.

For our adult students we provide top specialized courses that suit their professional needs:

  • TEFL for teachers
  • Medical English for nurses and doctors
  • Business English for executives and business owners
  • Sales English for tourism and service industries

We offer in all our facilities around the world high-quality learning - the best environment using the most recent technologies and the most recognized and prestigious programs (NatGeo Learning, TedX, etc) Our main programs are towards spreading and teaching the English language, but through the years using our unique methodology we expanded our classes to:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Korean
  • Chinese