TEFL for teachers

With this certificate, you will be qualified to teach English in a classroom or online.

This is a very popular course because it covers everything in the 120-hour certificate program plus an additional 10 specializations and an 4-hour practicum series. The specializations units prepare you for virtually every teaching environment that you may encounter, from teaching young leaners to business professionals, and everything in-between.

What does this course include?

The course covers all of the fundamental components of teaching English both online and in-class. It includes a total of 10 units covering things like classroom management and lesson planning. Content includes video lectures, readings, and activities that you can use in the classroom. The course includes a quiz at the end of each unit and there is no final exam.

Course Content

Unit 1: Introduction to TEFL

This unit introduces students to TEFL. Topics covered include professional teaching conduct, fundamentals of linguistics, and approaches to second language learning.

Unit 2: Classroom Management

This unit covers the core concepts of managing a classroom. Topics covered include teaching and learning styles, managing disruptive behavior, and strategies for establishing a healthy learning environment.

Unit 3: Assessments

Topics include classroom testing, assessing language skills, proficiency testing, and teacher assessments.

Unit 4: Planning Lessons

Topics include curriculum planning, developing a lesson plan, and identifying learning objectives.

Units 5 - 10 Essential Language Acquisition Skills

Unit 5: Teaching Spoken English

Topics include techniques for teaching spoken English, designing speaking activities, pronunciation, and phonetics.

Unit 6: Teaching English Vocabulary

Topics include techniques for teaching vocabulary and characteristics of English vocabulary such as morphology and semantics.

Unit 7: Teaching Reading in English

Topics covered include strategies for developing reading skills, reading aloud in the classroom, and assessing reading proficiency.

Unit 8: Teaching Listening in English

Topics include strategies for developing listening skills, developing listening activities and assessing listening proficiency.

Unit 9: Teaching Writing in English

Topics include the writing process, approaches to teaching writing, and assessing writing skills.

Unit 10: Teaching Grammar

Topics include techniques for teaching grammar, developing activities for teaching grammar, and using a textbook to teach grammar.

Practicum 8-Hour Practicum Series

Part 1: Applying to Jobs & Interviewing
Part 2: Accepting a Contract and Relocating
Part 3: First Day of Teaching
Part 4: Lesson Planning
Part 5: Classroom Management
Part 6: Assessments
Part 7: Classroom Activities
Part 8: Teaching Observation

FAQ: Do I need to have teaching experience to enrol in the course?

No, you do not need to have any teaching experience to enrol in the TESOL Certificate or TESOL Diploma programs. The TESOL programs are designed to instruct students of all levels on how to be an effective English language teacher. Students with and without teaching experience can benefit from the course in order to gain further credentials and qualifications to be an English language teacher around the world.

Can I get a job as an English-language teacher once I complete the Certificate?

When you obtain the TESOL Certificate, you become qualified to work as an ESL/EFL teacher in non-native English speaking countries. However, whether or not you are able to obtain a job depends on the requrenments of the school, your educational background, your teaching experience and any other requirements that a particular job posting may have. The better your education and experience, the more likely you are to obtain a high-paying teaching position.

How will I receive my Certificate?

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be mailed a hard copy of the TESOL Certificate or TESOL Diploma at your desired address. You will also receive an electronic version of the Certificate or Diploma through e-mail. Both of these are included in the course fees. There are no additional fees for shipping and handling.


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