Online Specialized Medical English Classes

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Bristol Language Academy is a leader in providing Medical English for healthcare workers. We are happy to announce new slots for Online Medical English Classes. 


  • 3 hours per week / 2 lessons of 90 minutes/1-month learning module *

  • One-to-one lessons. It will be just you and your lecturer, getting personalized lessons, that will suit your own needs and pace of learning

  • 100% Foreign teaching by a European Medical Doctor, with numerous publications in International Conferences and Author of Medical articles accessible program, focused on speaking skills and presentation skills. 

  • Specific lessons, designed to make you advance quickly and help you with the best technologies.**

  • An inclusive educational program to update your bases and upgrade your skills.

  • A qualified teacher with a long experience, patience, understanding, and fantastic educational skill

  • Various practical workshops and tasks to improve your general English (emailing, phone calls, presentation, conversation, and much more) 

  • All materials are being provided, Books will be sent in electronic variant

  • A PDF certificate upon completion of the Full course

*When selecting quantity it means amounts of months you would like to subscribe for. The minimum is 1 and the maximum is 3 per course. So if you wish to subscribe for 3 months, then you should select Quantity: 3

**Our online classes are held in Zoom or Skype, depending on the preference of the students. What you'll need is a computer with a camera and a good internet connection.

What you'll learn:

You will build up Medical English vocabulary that is related to the human body - the organ systems and major diseases, as well as medical care - types of medication, medical equipment, hospital departments.

More about the course:

The "Medical English for Medical Professionals"  consists of different topics, thousands of new Medical English words and phrases, taught by a European Medical Doctor.

All lessons have text, pictures to study from, diagrams, charts, and schemes to describe, and audio recordings. There are exercises to practice the newly learned terminology, dialogs between colleagues, and doctor-patient dialogs to practice some of the terminologies in the form of conversation.

This level is for people with little knowledge of General English and no knowledge of Medical English. It slowly builds up a solid foundation, starting with essential topics such as Organ Systems (covering 8 organ systems in the human body), Medical Equipment (such as equipment for examination and treatment, surgery and after surgery equipment, bandage, and support, etc.), Medication (categorized in how it is introduced to the body and on the medical condition), Hospital Departments (covering all medical departments in a hospital), and Most Common Diseases (in the form of doctor-patient dialogs and Scientific articles).

In the lesson, the lecturer will speak slowly and clearly to ensure that you will fully understand the material. There will be regular revisions of the new words and phrases and plenty of practice. The course is designed in such a way - simple and clean, that the only prerequisite needed for this course is basic level English.

Who this course is for:

 Non-English speaking Medical students and Medical professionals with basic English knowledge.