Additional health and safety measures

Additional health and safety measures

Our priority is to keep everyone safe while ensuring minimal disruption to your child’s English learning experience. Find out more about our safety measures below. 

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times. It is now time to focus on your learning goals again and we look forward to seeing you and your kids soon.
We have extra health and safety measures in place in our teaching centres and exam venues.

Measures in our teaching centers:

 Additional sanitation
  • In classrooms, table tops and the backs of chairs are cleaned and disinfected before every class.
  • Toilets, basins, door handles, staircase handrails and other surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at least three times a day.
Physical distancing
  • We comply with the physical distancing requirement of 1.5 m imposed by the local authorities. To help us do this, we have limited class size for more safety and will limit the number of non-student visitors and staff in the building at any one time.
  • Teaching assistants monitor and control the flow of young leaner students before/ after classes and during breaks.
  • We stagger breaks so no class will have a break at the same time as another class on the same floor.
  • We have placed floor markers at key transit locations in the building to remind students of the importance of maintaining a safe distance.


Hand sanitisers 
  • Hand sanitisers are available on each floor and at our Customer Services Centre area.
  • Packs of anti-bacterial wipes are available in all classrooms.


Wearing masks
  • We ask that students, customers and staff (including teachers and teaching assistants) bring and wear their own face masks/ coverings as they enter/ exit or move around the building.
  • Teachers, teaching assistants and customer services staff may also wear a face shield.
  • Increased ventilation.
  • Whenever possible, classroom windows and doors will stay open to maximise natural ventilation.
  • Classroom air conditioning units are all serviced and filters cleaned before classes resume.
    Right to refuse entry
    • To be able to meet the safe physical distancing rules, we will limit the access to our premises. Only students, customers and staff will be able to enter our teaching centre venues and we ask that parents, guardians or attendants accompany their child(ren) to their classroom only on the first day of their course. After that, they will not be admitted into our premises and will have to drop off and pick up their child from outside the building.
    • At the entrence of our facilities we will measure the body temperature of all customers and staff, everyone will be required to be wearing face mask and to sanitize their hands before entering.
    • Staff or customers will flu-like symptoms, or known to be in quarantine, will not be admitted into our premises.
    • For the safety of our staff and students, there will always be a Medical Doctor in our facilities to make sure everyone is safe and healthy.