IELTS Preparation

Prepare for your test IELTS with Bristol Language Academy!

The first step making sure you are ready to take IELTS is to prepare for it so you know what to expect on the test day.

Our IELTS learning materials will get you acquainted with the test format and also improve your confidence when writing, speaking, reading and listening in English.

Even if you believe you are a proficient user of English, we still recommend that you prepare thoroughly for your test with our helpful IELTS training resources.

Prepare for IELTS with the our English experts and you will:

  • develop the language skills required for success in the academic module of the IELTS test
  • develop an awareness of the most useful techniques for answering questions in the IELTS test and learn how to maximise your band score
  • gain increased confidence before taking the academic module of the IELTS test
  • practise listening, speaking, reading and writing in class
  • get free access to our well-resourced Information Centre and a wide range of up-to-date self-study materials to help you prepare for the test
  • practice in the form of a IELTS MOCK TEST - a full lenght or partial, realistic IELTS test, after finishing each module 
  • will be ready and confident by the time of your IELTS exam


Key Skills You'll Learn...

  • Master your IELTS Writing Task 1 Report

  • Ace your IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay

  • Build conversational fluency and ability

  • Learn key phrases and vocabulary for the speaking test

  • Complete IELTS Listening practice tests

  • Understand key question strategies for IELTS Reading

More than just an English course – learn English for the real world!

Our IELTS preparation is no ordinary English course – it has been designed according to the requirements for the IELTS examination and World's English Experts. You will enjoy dynamic lessons on real-life topics that prepare you for a global world.

Practical. Challenging. Hands-on. 

Your spoken English will improve alongside your written English as you:

  • gain confidence in speaking English through activities such as presentations, fun debates, vlogging, and interviews
  • learn about real-world topics like urbanization, the environment, ethical food, and climate change
  • develop life skills such as collaboration and leadership to help you succeed in the future, and have lots of fun along the way.

What are the features of IELTS Preparation course with Bristol Language Academy?

  • project-based developing life skills as well as English language and English language skills.
  • students explore and acquire English in the pursuit of clear communicative goals (e.g. the end of magazine projects).
  • topics are of direct relevance to teens and encourage developing views on issues and values that matter to them.
  • promotes cross-cultural understanding.

Through out the course, students will be equipped both exam skills and academic skills.

  • Academic English is the language and skills that students need to study effectively in school and university. They are: Academic language, Evaluating, Note taking, Active listening, Time management, e-communication, Process writing, Academic referencing, Evaluating relevance, Identifying fact and opinion, Memory techniques.
  • Exam skills are targeted strategies and skills which can boost a student’s performance in exams. They are: Skimming and scanning, Predicting, Topic sentences, Supporting ideas, Presentation skills, Extending answers, Key words, Paraphrasing, Complex sentences, Pronunciation, Summarising, Meaning from context. They are not only useful for IELTS exam but also for other exams at school and international exams.

English for Upper Secondary and IELTS

Our new programme for High School learners fully understands the importance of IELTS and international education for young people and seeks to provide the support necessary to succeed in both the exam, and what comes afterwards.

As we have a wide range of classes, according to the needs of all our students, we advise you to contact us personally for further information, evaluation, and estimation of what is best for you/your child. 

Talk to our friendly staff to choose the best course for you HERE! 

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