Empower Your Child's English Communication With Bristol's Breakthrough Method

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  • 3 online classes/week
  • Interactive lessons
  • Friendly and experienced teachers
  • Free materials and books

Bristol's Breakthrough Method To Help Children Progress Rapidly

This is what makes students at Bristol always passionate about learning and confident in English communication. The learning activities are extremely diverse and focus on interaction (sports, arts, technology applications, an English board game learning space, vocabulary on the walls, etc.). Children will always be entertained while quickly improving their English proficiency.

What's Included Each Month?

Lectures that follow the "liberation" approach

Lectures in Bristol are designed diversely (games, videos, songs...) and personalized according to the students' proficiency. Children will always be entertained while rapidly improving their English skills. They will feel confident, open-minded, and won't get bored of learning.

One-on-one learning with native teachers

Each child will learn directly with a friendly native teacher, who is well-trained and trusted by many parents. Each child will have the same teacher throughout the course, making it easier for them to get familiar and more open. Families can inform Bristol if they want to change the teacher.

Three online classes on Zoom per week

Each session lasts for 60 minutes. Parents can have their children learn from anywhere, without worrying about travel or missing classes due to weather reasons.

Free study materials

When registering for online courses at Bristol, parents and children will receive various free books and materials to enhance their English. Families can continue using these materials even if the child is no longer studying at the center.

*The quantity is synonymous with the number of months you want to enroll. The minimum quantity is 1, and the maximum is 3 for each course. So, if you want to register for 3 months, select Quantity: 3.

**Our online classes are conducted on either Zoom or Skype, depending on the students' preferences. You need to prepare a computer with a camera and a good internet connection for your child.

Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Enroll Your Child With Confidence!

Bristol always prioritizes the satisfaction of parents and children. We are confident that our method can help children become proficient in English in the shortest possible time.

If, after 1 month of studying at Bristol, your child's English proficiency has not improved, we will continue to provide teaching completely free of charge until they show progress and pass the class promotion test.

This Is The Best Period For Children To Learn English

The ideal age for children to learn English is between 5 and 10 years old. This is the period when their cognitive abilities are developing the most. Children at this age can quickly mimic and absorb English effectively, thus avoiding the need for later pronunciation corrections.