Our Facilities

We are currently present established and expanding in 3 countries:
  • Bulgaria
  • Vietnam
  • Morocco
We work to offer the best environment to learn a new language but also new skills for you or your child. All our centers are located near natural water features and provide parks, lakes, sports fields, to encourage your students to learn more proactively by doing.
All our centers are located near Natural water features and private parks, lakes, to encourage our students to learn more pro-actively by doing.

A classroom can be wherever we enjoy learning. 


With high-quality equipment, available on every site, students can enjoy learning by:
  • fishing with their teachers
  • a camping night
  • a kayaking session
  • a football match

We also organize : Discovery weekend, Summer camps, Science days, to trigger curiosity and groom the intellect of our future generations.

  • Indoors, we favor bright and spacious spaces, enough to contain a child's imagination.
  • Innovative layout to absorb the language passively through Visual leaning displays
  • A maximum capacity of 10-12 students in the classroom 
  • Pedagogical games and educative toys to keep the learning fun
  • We focus on including art details in the decoration of our facilities, to trigger and welcome the creativity of our students
  • Being Eco responsible, we favor a green touch in every space and classroom, as well as teaching our students how to have a more eco friendly life by recycling, gardening, reusing materials for DIY projects
  • Speaking rooms are acoustically designed to stimulate and help  correct accents and pronunciation
  • Beside our virtual library, a reading space is also available to discover our collection of books and encyclopedias