Primary English Classes

Are your children interested in having fun while learning a foreign language?

Here at Bristol Language Academy, we aim to educate the young minds of the future with the highest quality of education and training. Your young ones will be welcomed into a safe, exciting, and multicultural environment. They will be nurtured by passionate staff, encouraged to become confident and independent learners as well as supported to develop social, emotional, and interactive skills.

We offer interesting courses for children aged 6 to 10 with results. Our program has fascinating, real-life pictures and stories allowing your children to connect to the book and show off their skills. This course is advanced allowing your little geniuses the opportunity to really shine.

We focus on developing speaking, writing and listening skills while putting quality over quantity which is why we offer you:

  • Small classes with a maximum of 10 students.
  • Qualified teachers with over 2 years of teaching experience in Vietnam.
  • An internationally recognized program that provides meaningful context that allows students to connect to the world.
  • 3 hours per week / 2 lessons of 90 minutes
  • 100% foreign teaching + a Vietnamese teaching assistant
  • Certificate of completion for each level

Our inclusive learning environment provides a space for your child to be itself: 

  • they will be in a class with others who have the same language level and are of a similar age 
  • their teacher will give them plenty of opportunity to express your opinions openly, helping them to gain confidence in speaking English 
  • we put their well-being first and have robust measures in place to ensure they are kept safe.


What will my child learn?

Aged 6-7 years your child will:

  • learn how to write a story and read English with confidence
  • build accurate sentences, using new vocabulary
  • understand and present their ideas in English on familiar topics

They will do this by: 

  • finding out how everyone is unique in their likes, dislikes and interests;
  • recognising how daily lives can be similar or different;
  • describing their own surroundings, from their bedroom to their neighbourhood;
  • being aware how they express their feelings and make life choices;
  • thinking about the natural world and how they belong in it


Aged 8-9 years your child will:

  • learn and practise new vocabulary on familiar topics, in activities such as writing creatively;
  • read independently and form an interest in a variety of topics.

They will do this by:

  • developing their imagination through storytelling;
  • nurturing their curiosity about the natural world, from the sea to outer space;  
  • thinking about and sharing ideas on how to keep happy and healthy;
  • exploring ways to be a good citizen;
  • reflecting on their life, interests and hopes for the future.


Aged 10-11 years your child will:

  • learn story writing and to read more confidently in English;
  • present and compare ideas and opinions using more complex language.

They will do this by:

  • making use of their skills and knowledge to help others;
  • exploring issues affecting society and the environment and finding solutions;
  • finding out about places, cultures, ideas and inventions;
  • discovering the exciting world of sport and the beauty of the arts;
  • looking back on primary school and thinking about their hopes for the future.

As we have a wide range of classes, according to the needs of all our students, we advise you to contact us personally for further information, evaluation and estimation of whats best for your child. 

For more detailed information you can talk to our friendly staff HERE! 

You can also reach us on:
Zalo: +84 85 77 59 479
Address: 05, Grand Marina, EcoPark, Hung Yen, Vietnam
+84 93 447 3823
99 Bac Cau Street, Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi
Or directly on this website HERE!
Or directly on this website HERE!