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Master Medical English Foundation In Under 90 Days

If you are a medical student or healthcare professional struggling with English, this is the perfect course for you. You will grasp medical English vocabulary related to the human body - organ systems, diseases, medications, medical equipment, hospital departments.


What's Included?

Practical and diverse lectures

Lectures at Bristol are designed diversely, practical (videos, charts, conversations), and personalized based on students' proficiency. No dull exercises; you'll always practice and apply knowledge to real work situations. You can exchange with instructors to adjust the course to your level and learning pace.

1-1 Learning with European Medical Doctors

You will learn directly from a European medical doctor, well-trained and trusted by many students. If you are at an A1 Elementary level, meaning you know very little English, Bristol can provide translation assistance if needed.

2 Weekly Online Zoom Sessions

Each session lasts for 90 minutes. You can participate in classes from anywhere, no worries about travel or missing sessions.

Free Study Materials

When enrolling in an online course at Bristol, you will receive various free books and materials to enhance your English. You can continue using these materials even if you stop attending the center.


Easy-to-Understand Lessons, Dedicated Teachers

All lessons include images, diagrams, charts, along with audio recordings. There are exercises for practicing vocabulary and dialogues between colleagues and patients.

The course will gradually build a solid foundation, starting with essential topics such as Organ Systems (including 8 organ systems in the human body), Medical Equipment (such as examination and treatment equipment, surgical and post-surgical equipment, bandages and supports, etc.), Medications (categorized by how they enter the body), Hospital Departments (including all medical departments in a hospital), and Common Illnesses (in the form of dialogues between doctors and patients).

In each lesson, instructors speak slowly and clearly to ensure full understanding. Regular reviews of new words and phrases will be conducted. The course is designed in a simple and concise manner, requiring only basic English knowledge to participate.

*Quantity is synonymous with the number of months you want to enroll. The minimum quantity is 1, and the maximum is 3 for each course. So, if you want to register for 3 months, select Quantity: 3.

**Our online classes are organized on Zoom or Skype, depending on students' preferences. You need to prepare a computer with a camera and a stable internet connection.


With Bristol's course, you will:

  • Gain confidence in communicating in English at work.
  • Unlock new career opportunities.
  • Improve your English proficiency in the shortest possible time.


Backed By Bristol's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Bristol, your satisfaction is always our top priority. We are confident that our method can help you achieve English fluency in the shortest possible time.

If, after 1 month of studying at Bristol, your English proficiency does not improve, we will continue to provide teaching completely free of charge until you make progress and pass the regular assessment test.